Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Nashville Area Fly Fishing

The Elk River: It was a productive first half of the year for us. Mostly the fish have been taking nymphs and mostly in the usual places. The generators have been off and TVA has been has been spilling. Right now, as I write this report, there is a 240 CFS release predicted. That is twice the CFS as was released at this time last year. Review TVA's Predicted Data closely before making the trek. There is no sense wasting a drive down there only to find out there is too much water to fish.
With a 240 CFS it is a good flow for floating. For those waiting to book your trips on the Elk the next month or so should be a good. For those who have already booked this river, I am expecting pretty good floats. Try nymphs and soft hackles for good results. Dry/droppers have been doing OK, however not as well nymphs under indicators.
The Caney Fork: We have been on this river quite a bit as of late. We have steered completely clear of the upper section because of the usual summertime crowds. Anglers who just have to fish the upper section of the river on the weekends would be smart to get there and leave early, if generation permits. Otherwise, for those who show up later, well it is probably somewhat challenging.
We have been fishing a lot of nymphs. But we have also thrown in some dries, and dry/droppers here.  Some of the browns have responded to a couple different patterns. The mayflies that are popping off are either feeding the fish or feeding the birds and either are fun to watch. We have been matching the hatches with Parachute Adams and Royal Coachman flies. (I know they don't match the hatch, but hey they work). 
Dry fly purists would have a slow day in most sections, so we tend to switch it up and try a few different things. If you get into one or two fish it usually pays to fish the area around where the first fish was found. So that's the report for now. If you get out over the holiday expect some heavier crowds, as people head to the river to cool off.

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