Sunday, September 29, 2013

A Fly Fishing Gift

Ben, who is a very good angler, received a fly fishing trip as a gift and asked if he could bring a friend. Will, who had never fly fished before this day, came along to learn to fish. Before the day was over both guys would boat a large number of fish, both would get a slam and we would all see our first bobcat on the river.

After spending some time teaching Will to roll cast and then cast we went right into the mend. When it looked like he had it all together we pulled up the anchor began the float. The first fish of the day was a double as both guys hooked up within seconds of each other. That was their first of eight doubles on the day. Yes, they were dialed-in!

We floated the river on clear September day among rising fish. But, there weren't nearly as many rises as some would think. We fished to the rises, but structure really carried the day. Dropping a nymph off shoals was almost always a sure thing.

At mid-day I figured out the fish weren't the only hungry bodies on the water. With the mention of food the guys perked up. So slid we into the gravel bar and broke out the grill. Today's meal was cheeseburgers with extra cheese.  We ate quickly and before I knew it we were back in the flow of the river.

 It took a few minutes before we got back in the same grove we were in during the morning portion of the float, but the fish began to respond and we got into a real nice brookie.  This brook was "all colored up" and apparently looking for a date. 

The wildlife on this day was out as much as I can remember. We were closing in on the takeout at a pretty good pace when Ben spotted a bobcat. The bobcat was sitting on a log and tuned into something on the bank. It watched us for just a moment and then fixed it's eyes back on whatever it was watching. We were able to get a somewhat out of focus photo before it jumped of the log and took off up the bank.

We picked up the pace again and then came upon a spot in the river where I fished dries to a nice rainbow a couple years ago. I was telling the guys about the fish and Ben stood up, stripped off some line, then made a really nice cast. The fly dropped right in the feeding lane and the fish ate. Ben set the hook and brought the fish of the trip to the net. It was pretty much that easy.
We started the day with a double and ended the day with a nice rainbow. The trip was a lot of fun and the guys were a pleasure to be with in the boat. Ben caught the big fish and Will began his fishing career as a fly angler. It was a good day to receive a fly fishing trip as a gift!

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