Thursday, October 3, 2013

What About the Hatchery Brats?

Disclaimer: This is not a political post because we don't read fishing reports for political opinions.

So a day or so ago I was thinking about fishing, holdovers and where holdovers originate. Naturally, I went to the web and found the information below at this website:  

Fisheries and Habitat Conservation 
Each hatchery will have at least one person on site, with up to two persons on call to protect the physical facility and maintain the fish at the hatchery. During a short-term shut down, fish on site would be maintained, further determinations will need to be made as time passes in the event of a longer-term shut down. Fish Health Centers and Fish Tech Centers will also have at least one and not more than three persons to maintain live animals and cell cultures. The Aquatic Animal Drug Approval Program in Bozeman, MT also will have at least one and not more than three persons to maintain live animals and cell cultures.

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