Monday, March 3, 2014

Another Good Day at the River

Wow what a crazy Winter! It has been, uh interesting and for the most part super-cold. Steven and Karen flew in from Texas and we met-up to drift along and try to boat some fish. They had both fly fished a time or two and when the boat slipped away from the gravel bar then began to float it was shaping up to be a good overcast day.
It wasn't long before Karen put a rainbow in the net and Steven followed a short time later. Then Karen went on a bit of a tear, boating several fish in a row.  There were a few fish taking midges just under the surface and we began casting to the rise-rings. Then it happened, well sort of...
A fish rose, Karen and Steven both cast to the upstream side of the ring and Karen's indicator took a dive. She set hook on a large fish. The fish made some big runs and just when we thought we had the fish under control, it would prove us wrong. We never really gained control of the big brown but it did make several passes by the boat and it was clearly the fish of a lifetime. The fish sought shelter under the boat and broke the tippet. No one was more disappointed than me, but there would be more opportunity.
The weather was warming and the wildlife was coming out. On this day we say fish, otters, turtles, a beaver, various birds, and more fish. Lunch was grilled salmon, baked potatoes, a quick nap for some and some fishing. It was a good day. Karen was getting close to catching her full share of fish and then some, so we put Steven up front as we hit the high value areas.
Guide and angler is an interesting relationship. Karen and Steven both fell into a rhythm and were catching. Steven was dialing in and we pulled into one of my favorite long shallow pools on the river. He tossed the fly into the faster moving water, shook out some line, and threw in a mend. The indicator was moving along with the flow, just right. Then it took a dive, Steven raised the rod and the line came tight. The fish came to the net after a nice fight. Now if you are reading this and thinking so what...let me say sometimes you just have to be there to enjoy the moment.
As usual we were chasing daylight on our way to the ramp and arrived a bit before dark. The fishing was good and so was the catching. Missing a couple big fish and trying to get a really large brown under control was tough on the guy at the rowers bench. The anglers took it all in stride and seemed to enjoy their day. It was a good trip overall and the water was in very good shape. It was a pleasure to float along with Karen and Steven and I am looking forward to the next time they come to Middle Tennessee.

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