Sunday, March 9, 2014

Drift Boat Instruction

George has put in an order for his very own drift boat. Instead of waiting to get his boat and then learning to row, he called and we set up a time and place to meet for some instruction. Naturally there would be an opportunity to fish along the way too. So we loaded the boat with almost everything and off we went.
The water was high, real dang high, which presented some opportunity and some speediness as we made our way down the river. With the water up in the trees the opportunity to learn drift boat maneuverability was at a premium. George was a quick learner on the oars and we put the boat in places where some veteran rowers might shy away. It was never dangerous but it was interesting at times.  
Spring in Middle Tennessee is just around the corner and the trip to the river was telling. People were out on early morning runs, the deer were out in force and when we arrived at the river the beavers and birds were out too. The kingfishers were doing their usual thing as were the blue herrings. We were zooming making our way through a stand of trees and we spotted a healthy red headed woodpecker. We have high hopes for springtime...soon.
We fished streamers and nymphs all day and had some action on most every type of presentation. The most productive was fishing with an indicator in medium moving water. With the 2+ generators blowing water into the river a deep with weight was the only way to go. We were using a lightweight Chuck-N-Duck method that when in just the right place would produce. But it was similar to casting a couch pillow. George hung in throughout the trip and was rewarded for his effort.
We made our way to the takeout ramp after a full day of rowing and fishing. George has already made great strides in his rowing and boat control. George I am looking forward to row and fish from that new drifter of yours. 
This Shot Never Gets Old

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