Monday, July 21, 2014

Curtis and Jonas On The River

Lately there have been several father-son trips. Folks who read this report have read in previous posts I enjoy these trips, because fly fishing is something that can be shared for many years to come. Curtis has fished with us several times and brought along family on most days. This time he would bring his son Jonas who had not caught a trout on the fly. 
With rain coming down for about 8 hours prior to the float, and sometimes a hard rain, we knew the day would be challenging. We decided to get on the water behind the generation in search of clearer water. That plan worked well, sort of, for the first 30 minutes and then the water began to get more stained by the minute. Jonas was on one of my favorite nymph patterns while Curtis had his favorite and trusted light streamer pattern.

Jonas is an athlete and was following coaching well. With very little instruction he was soon laying out some good casts.  His mends got better and better so we moved on to hooksets. After we missed a couple fish, Jonas set the hook on and caught his first trout "on the fly". From then on Jonas was ready for the next fish and Curtis was soon on my favorite bug as well. The further downstream we went the muddier the river became. So a little more than halfway through the day, I got on the oars and rowed out so we could go higher in the river in search of cleaner water.
We unloaded drifter for the second time and found some water that was in a little better shape. We saw our first consistently rising fish and the guys made a bet, with a side bet, then we were off. Jonas struck early in Float 2.0 and Curtis came right back. Jonas increased his numbers as the time passed quickly. We were running a clock and with just minutes to go Jonas put the game away with a final fish before we had to get off the water to the beat generation.
It was a tough day on the river with all the rain and muddy water. But some days we take the good with the bad. This day I got to see a young man catch his first trout on the fly and hopefully learn enough to lay out good casts with his dad for many years. 

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