Sunday, August 17, 2014

Caney Fork River Fishing Report

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Most of my time has been spent on the Caney Fork over the past couple weeks. With that being said this report will be dedicated to the different floats on the Caney. Let's start with the upper float.
The upper float is full of fish and watercraft. The canoe companies are releasing a lot of canoes and kayaks. So what's the best way to catch fish on this float?  Go early (haven't said that before right?) and stay late. For the best fishing anglers just need to adjust their schedule. Hang in there the traffic will be clearing soon.
The rest of the river has less traffic but there are still a lot of folks are enjoying the different floats. The water is clear most of the way down the river so the fish are getting a good look at what's being offered. A good presentation is a must right now.
Terrestrials are working and some fish are eating on top. If you find a fish eating hard on top grab a rod with a meaty terrestrial and drop it in the area. Let it sit and don't forget the twitch. Anywhere the water is moving next to the bank can be a good spot to drop one for a hearty take.
OK, if you have read down this far then it is only fair to say, if you find fish eating gently on top this is a good time to drop a small dry just upstream. We have been parking the boat just outside the feeding lanes and then letting them get used to us sitting there. Several minutes need to pass, but after that they go back to chowing down and then it can be game-on. Don't try and get too exotic with the patterns and use something that catches fish not something that catches your eye in the fly bin at the shop. Small parachute patterns are working as are small terrestrials. If the fish refuse the fly just keep going down in size. If the fish aren't eating after 10 minutes or so tie a small midge dropper on and that will usually get them.
This has been a good month with nice numbers and some better fish here and there. The sluice gate is on full-open when the generators are running, so it's best to stay out of the dam pool when the generator is on. Every year a boat gets in trouble and sometimes one gets lost to the sluice gate. Alright there is the Caney report for this week. Thanks for stopping by.
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