Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Bill and BT on the River

Bill must have decided he had a good time on the last float and he returned this time with BT. We shoved off for some afternoon fishing and hopefully a good terrestrial bite. The first order of the day was to get tuned-up with some casting, mending and hook sets on a reliable nymph pattern. 

That nymph was good to us and we put a good number of fish in the net with the dead drift. We hit all the likely places including runs, riffles, blow downs and the better slow parts of the float. Bill boated several fish early in the float including a really nice brookie with big spots and an even bigger attitude.
BT had been away from the fly rod for a couple years but quickly made up for lost time. He was back to casting and mending in a hurry and was also quick to get on the terrestrial patterns too. BT was into good fish on top in the first few minutes. He also listened well and tried to get the bugs to land just right on the water. 

The wildlife has been out and about over the past few weeks. Fall is in the air and now has been labeled on the calendar as well. The brook trout and brown trout are beginning get their colors and before we know it Winter will be on Middle Tennessee.
BT tossed that terrestrial over and over. Cast, let it rest, twitch, twitch, rest, then cast again. over and over. After we saw a rise he tossed it on the rise ring, rest, twitch, twitch, rest, begin to cast and bang, the brown blasted off the bottom and ate hard on top. BT stayed with the fish through the many attempts it made to escape and brought the brown's head up, then into the net.
After BT brought the brown to the net I asked Bill if he wanted to follow suit. Bill had memories of his last trip including his induction into the 20 + Club and elected to continue boating a good number of fish on the nymph.
BT had not intentions of getting back on the nymph. Even though Bill was getting bigger numbers, BT was boating some healthy fish. We continued on and  entered a good section of the river. BT lobbed the fly into the feeding lane and another nice brown exploded on the fly. The rod came up, the line came tight and BT was soon into fight with another brown. He played the fish perfectly and after a short fight we were taking the "hero shots". Then Bill was looking for the terrestrial rod.
The rest of the day we continued boating fish on terrestrial patterns. The fishing on top was a bit slower than nymph fishing, but this type of fishing has been a lot of fun some years, until the first frost. We must have been having fun because others on the river could hear us for the rest of the day. It sure was a good day on the river. Already there is talk of a Spring trip and it should be interesting to see if that future trip could possibly top Bill's last two visits to the river.
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  1. David
    Excellent report and a trip that B.T. and I will not forget. Thanks for putting us on a lot of trout that afternoon, looking forward to our spring trip.