Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Sunny Days on the River...Foul Weather on the Way

The weather has been good for the past several days and the fish have been hunkered down with tight lips. On some days the fish are extremely tight lipped. We keep going back, trying different patterns and techniques, hoping we will stumble into a large and hungry fish or two. According to the weather-guessers the South is in for some days of extreme cold.

The Elk: TVA is running the river very low, after they turn off the water on some mornings. So catching falling water on the floats are best and make the rowing easy while getting a good drift. The river continues to fish best with nymphs vs. streamers or anything on top. This time of year there is a race against daylight so normally we are not stopping to try soft hackles, but I would bet in the right water type the ole soft hackle would produce some action.
The Caney Fork: The Caney has been finicky. We have been fishing mostly falling water so streamers haven't necessarily been the hot ticket, even though there are plenty of shad floating around on cold days. Nymphs have been producing some fish on low water, but for the most part it has been slow for everyone. However, the fish have to eat sometime...and we want to be there when it's time for them to begin to eat again.  

If you catch steady and high water the fishing actually is better. So timing is everything, well timing, sinking lines, and streamers fished slow and deep... That's really more the ticket. We are getting some better fish coming to streamers in flowing water vs. nymphs fished on lower water. That could change overnight, with the upcoming changes in the weather pattern we may have to start all over again. Who knows. But you don't if you don't go...
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