Thursday, April 30, 2015

Trout Fishing Tennessee

The Elk River- For those who found a window to fish over the past week or so, it was a good idea to get on the river. The Elk is now flowing 2700 + CFS and fishing is tough. We are hoping for a break in the flow over the weekend days, but not really counting on it. None-the-less we have scheduled trips and hope most, if not all, will go ahead as planned.
The South Holston River: This week loaded the drifter and headed to Upper East TN. The SoHo was tough fishing for all boats on the river. We had a pretty good day and in spite of the long faces in other boats, we were lucky and fared pretty well. Day two was much tougher with our early start. Fish are hitting nymphs while TVA is running one generator. Try the regular nymphs and look hard for the different holes, because all the fish we caught were holding in pockets.
The Caney Fork River- There have been a few open hours on the weekend days. The water is an off-green color and the fish have to look hard for anything dead-drifted. Swinging soft hackles and stripping streamers can be productive. Look for fish holding in the usual places, but the usual tactics may not produce in the usual ways. With the break in the weather we are hoping the next month should give us more windows as the springtime floats get underway.
The Watauga River- We floated the Watauga on 2700 CFS the other day too. Now TVA has dialed back the release and it is at a perfect level for floating. The Caddis hatch is starting and the fish are starting to look up. Fish nymphs until they start hitting on top. then fish your favorite Caddis and Sulphur patterns. Streamers will get some action as long as they are dark in color.  Email us if you are looking for a guide and we can get you in touch with someone who can provide a nice day on the river.
To see the latest fishing report click here and for more booking information see our Homepage.  If you are a seasoned angler or have never picked up a fly rod and want to set up a day on the river just email or call/text 615-796-5143 to book a day on the water.

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