Sunday, July 5, 2015

Elton and David- Another Day on the River

Another day on the river for Elton and David. These guys get out there and enjoy a good day of fishing. On this trip we would keep our eyes peeled for the terrestrial bite. but that bite didn't show like it did the last trip. So, Elton and David cleared the fish off the bottom with deep rigged nymphs at practically every stop. These guys really know how to fish and since we have been fishing together for a few years we both know each other's routine. Getting comfortable with fishing partners allows anglers to get into the groove just a little quicker. Fly choices, seeking good water and taking the good with the not quite as good are all easier. On this day the guys were into some good.
The browns made their appearance on a regular basis and have been doing so over the past several weeks. Elton and David were both ready for whatever the river gave us and we netted our share of browns. This size brown was fairly common on this trip.
Elton was hooked up often, as is usually the case, and David hasn't been shy about catching his fair share. Elton is a good technical angler and spends part of the day fishing the right spots and the other part of the day bringing fish to the net. Both anglers get good drifts, which makes the guy rowing one happy dude. 
Adjusting the depth is critical on the current flows. The Summer flows can be a little higher so adding distance between indicators and flies is our summertime norm. The fish are looking real healthy with good color and scrappy fights. A lighter rod is fun but make sure to bring a stick with good backbone or the landing time gets a little longer than we like. Elton's Winston had just the right stuff, putting the right bend in the rod with enough backbone to get the head of the fish up at the right times.
The weather for the entire day was good. Although there were times we heard thunder in the distance with a constant breeze the boat never got wet on the inside.Partly cloudy skies kept us a little cooler and sunscreen with technical clothing kept the sun at bay, which is extremely important when spending long periods of time on the water. The sun finally began to make its move toward evening and before I knew the trip was over. We loaded up and headed out. A quick glance at the clock showed we could have spent a little more time on the water. But, as Elton said the guys were satisfied with this float. These guys really did get out there and enjoy their day of fishing!
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