Thursday, October 8, 2015

Elton and David Come Back on the Drift Boat

It's been just over a year since Elton and David were on the drifter. So, they are no strangers to our way of presenting the fly. For our trip this year the temperature was 75 degrees and the weather was exceptional, with an early morning fog laying on the river. Under that layer of fog, fish awaited our flies. Elton was on the board early and had already hooked up with several fish while I ran the shuttle.
We moved downstream immediately and began working on presentation. The fishing wasn't setting any records early in the float, but we did net some quality along the way. Early morning nymphs, with a solid dead-drift were the flies of choice. Structure was holding the fish. That structure included the gravel bars and the ends of the long-slow pools. Elton and David were getting in a groove with good mends and solid hooksets. 
The morning continued with hot and cold fishing. After lunch we were back in the drifter with plenty of water left to float. We kept presenting nymphs and moving from one productive stretch of water to the next. Presentations had to be "spot on" to get the results we desired.
It was most anglers favorite time again, time to present dries to feeding fish. Both Elton and David took turns on the dry fly. The fish were a little picky and we went through a large portion of a dry fly box. Parachutes would produce a strike, but the presentation had to be dead-perfect. As we were getting ready to make our next move and the anchor was on the way up, David tossed a small terrestrial into the pod of feeding fish. He hooked up. The anchor went back into the water and soon we were bringing another fish into the net.
We began the drift toward the ramp. Under the watchful eye of the resident osprey the guys continued fishing nymphs and dries. In the shade and away from the afternoon sun the nymph out produced the dry. The guys finished another successful day on the river. This year the catching wasn't quite as easy as last year. The quality was good, the time in the drift boat was therapeutic and the company was outstanding as usual. Thanks Elton and David it was another good day in the drifter.
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