Sunday, January 24, 2016

The Highs and Lows of Winter Fly Fishing

The past few days have been cold and snowy here at the World Headquarters of Southeastern Fly. The temperature went from 50 to 15 degrees in just 48 hours. The ramps are covered with ice and snow but the big thaw is underway as this report is being written. The tying bench has been getting some heavy use, as has the music from The Lumineers Live from the iTunes Festival.  Some good stuff has been coming off the vise.
We have been fishing high water when the conditions are right. Fishing streamers has been working and working well. The techniques have been variable while results have been pretty darn good. The fish have been eating flies void of color and the action has been dependent on the speed of retrieve.  Faster has not always been better.
We have enjoyed warmer weather throughout most of this Winter and even with the high water most of the days have been comfortable. But the winds of the jet stream have shifted and now we are layering-up. 
Even as the jet stream movement the fish continued to respond with big eats and good fighting energy. The numbers have been down a little but we have been getting some nice fish. The few musky floats have seen fish continue to follow, eat, then get away. The browns have been our bread and butter. The browns can be picky and as I said before the results have been dependent on the speed of the retrieve. Actually the speed has been critical. 
Over the next few weeks our floats will rely on water levels as well as angler's tolerance for colder temperatures. The lower temperatures are welcomed and if you have read the reports over the last several winter months you know why. The wintertime flies have been tied so we are ready for whatever might come our way...including top water fishing on the tailwaters.

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