Monday, August 22, 2016

Fly Fishing Middle Tennessee

The Elk River- This river is fishing well and especially within the first couple miles. The flows are low & slow. Nymphs and dry-droppers continue to work well on this river. Be patient with the drift and get all you can out of each presentation. 

The farther down stream you go the more thick the grass becomes. Finding pockets that are void of grass is difficult. The fish are laying along the edge of the grass and they can be somewhat picky to say the least. Each presentation really counts on these flows. The results can be very good though.

First fish on the fly can be extremely exciting. Zach (see photo above) worked on his presentation for about 30 minutes and had a couple misses before this healthy rainbow ate. Zach brought it to the net and had his first fish on the fly and another first was made on the F/V Southeastern Fly. It has been a good year and I have been very lucky to help a good number of new anglers get their first fish on the fly. 
The Caney Fork- this river is getting some heavy use right now. The flows are nice for some good floats. We are boating healthy fish most every day. There have been some quality fish coming to our flies which include some midges, nymphs fished deep and terrestrials. 

The large sluice is now running when the the USACoE runs a generator. My recommendation is to stay out of the dam pool while the large sluice is running. Over the years I have seen more than one boat get sent to the bottom and some have been torn to pieces. It's not a good place to be while the generator and sluice are running.

Also, the small sluice (250 CFS) is running most of the day. The 250 CFS is another reason the water drops out slow. Wading can be limited for a period of time after the generation is turned off. Be careful because the water release has changed the conditions just a little.

TWRA has also been on the river with regularity. It's good to see these folks on the river and they are "catching their share" as well. We have been stopped several times over the past few weeks and we appreciate these folks.
So there is the report for the Middle TN area. It doesn't matter if you are a beginning angler like Zach or a seasoned veteran we are working hard to make each angler's experience one to remember. The dates are booking into September and the fishing has been good. If you want to get a day in the casting brace please contact  us using the information below. Thanks and see you on the river.

If you are a seasoned angler or have never picked up a fly rod and want to set up a day on the river e-mail or call/text 615-796-5143 to book a day on the water. For additional booking information see our Homepage and to see the latest fishing report click here.

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