Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Patrick and Jeff Find'em on Hoppers, Nymphs and Midges

After fishing aboard the F/V Southeastern Fly, Elton decided his son and grandson needed to experience fly fishing in middle Tennessee. So when Jeff and Patrick arrived from Nevada they took a day to relax and then we put them in the casting braces.
Some anglers are new to this great pastime and some are experienced. We are ready to help all anglers to become better at fly fishing. Jeff and Patrick were dialed in by the time I ran the shuttle and had already brought some fish to the net. Now it was a matter of putting them on the fish and let them work some magic. The fish began hitting nymphs by the time we were a few minutes into our first good stretch of river. The fishing was fast and furious and our anglers were reminded that the trip would have some slow points, specifically toward the end...
The fish were in most of the usual places but they were picky at times. We went to hopper/dropper rigs and it wasn't long before we found them looking up. Jeff was dialed-in with the hopper rig. He had some drive-by's, some slaps and some takes. if they decided wrong and didn't take the hopper, the nymph was there several times to take the fish. 
Jeff and Patrick normally fish the mountains of Nevada and Pyramid Lake, yes that one, they adapted to fishing from the drifter quite nicely. The fish kept responding up until lunch. We stepped out of the drifter and slowed our day down even more. The heat turned up a notch as the oars dipped into the current. With a couple pulls on the oars we were in the current and the guys were fishing catching again.

Even though the guys picked up a solid number of fish after lunch, as the thermometer climbed throughout the day, the fish began to seek cover. We went deep to wood and rock structures and that's when the browns came around. Patrick was the star for a while and picking up some good fish. Then he had a good drift just off a rock ledge and the hopper was pulled down by the trailing nymph. The big hopper was pulled to the bottom as the fish grabbed the nymph that was lodged tightly in its upper lip. Patrick did a fine job fighting the fish. The fish came to the net but made one final run and tried it's last trick of the fight. The fish was no match for the 5 wt and the Brodin net that waited. Score another one for the good guys (that's us for anyone who isn't sure who "the good guys" are). 

It wasn't long before the three of us who were hot and tired came to the end of the float. The ramp was clear and soon we were winching the drifter onto the trailer. The day was a lot of fun. The fishing was good and so was the catching.The guys would hopefully get another day to relax before they boarded the plane and headed back to Nevada. 
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