Monday, November 28, 2016

Learn to Fly Fish Middle Tennessee

Stephanie, Jessica and Morgan were ready to go fly fishing on a cold clear morning. So the drifter was pushed off the trailer and we climbed aboard. We set up just a few feet off the gravel bar and began casting lessons. Jessica and Morgan were first and in no time at all I was feeling good. Stephanie, who put this trip together, was next and when she got her cast dialed-in we were underway.
We floated a while and even backed up for another shot at a the first section of water. We had no takers. But, we got into the next section and all three of our new anglers put a fish in the net. We moved down the river again. A short while later we moved into some water that has been productive over the last few months. The fishing was technical but the fish were responding, then Jessica hooked into her nicest rainbow of the trip. We brought the fish to the net and Morgan got into the shot when it was time to take a photo. After the fish was released, Morgan took over the front casting brace. This young lady then started getting into a groove. 

We drifted downstream a little farther and Morgan set the hook on a large fish. The fish was nice and began to go just a little crazy. Morgan kept up with the fish for a short time, but as it raced through the pool and shook its head the fly finally came loose, then it was over. Morgan took the loss better than I did... It was time to bring out the chocolate. Morgan and I got back some of our energy and went back to work.  
Stephanie had been viewing the events of the day from the rear casting brace and was throwing some good casts of her own. She had experience with the fly rod but it seemed she was having just as much fun watching her daughter and granddaughter trade the fly rod in the front brace. Then she made the mistake of offering decision to give up the rear casting brace to Morgan. 

As we do on the F/V Southeastern Fly, there is no "helping" the younger anglers with casting or retrieving. If they want to fly fish they are going to fly fish and once they learn the basics they are going to fly fish on their own. Morgan began fly fishing just a few hours earlier and what happened next was pretty amazing.

Morgan wasted no time using her new found talents to put on a casting and catching clinic. I was surprised at how well she was casting, but her hook set is where Morgan really came to life. She didn't miss many as she began to increase the numbers for herself and the boat in general. 

With Jessica in the front brace, Morgan in the rear brace and Stephanie keeping an extra eye on both, we finished out the morning strong. It wasn't long before the drifter crossed the last gravel bar and skidded onto the ramp. 

This was a productive trip. The morning started with cold temperatures and clear skies. The fishing began with new anglers. The angler's who started with casting lessons, ended with a mini fly fishing clinic. Morgan really has the beginnings of being a superstar in the fly fishing community. Hopefully she continues to get opportunities to continue what she began on this day.  It sure was a lot of fun spending the day with Stephanie, Jess and Morgan.
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