Sunday, January 29, 2017

Greg Comes to Fish High Water

Sometimes it seems like a short time has passed and sometimes it seems like many years have passed since Greg first stepped foot on the drifter. That first day we tossed nymphs to feeding fish and the fishing was good. We've talked several times about fishing big water streamers for winter fish and with short notice we set out for adventure.
The weather was cloudy to start and as the clouds moved out the sky became brighter throughout the day. The water was high on this day and we would spend a good amount of time getting the speed of the streamers just right. So what is "just the right speed?" It's hard to describe over the internet, but let's say you know it when you feel it. Once you feel it and the fish eat, it gets easier to replicate. Then it's time to set the hook. Trying to teach someone to continue to strip when a fish eats and not to set the hook by lifting the rod tip is a tough sell. But  Greg was dialed-in within no time. Remember, when a fish eats, keep strippin' and the fish will come tight. After it comes tight, then raise the rod tip. Easier said than done, but Greg is a fast learner and he did very well.
The fishing has been better, but we made the most of the day with several nice fish and the Slam. Streamer fishing is as much a mental exercise as anything. Finding the right presentation, keeping your head in the game when the strikes don't come as fast as nymphing and being completely ready when opportunity presents itself. Being completely ready and not losing focus is key.
The fish can be anywhere and it was time to rig another rod to get to a different level. So the anchor was lowered and the rope came tight as the spikes dug into the gravel. The boat came to a rest high on the water and then swayed in the current. Greg was tossing his streamer against the fast moving current and just as I finished the first knot on the spare rod, Greg stripped and then brought the rod tip up. The fish was on and the bouncing rod tip proved it. Greg was fighting the fish well in the current, so in order to provide some relief we raised the anchor and began to float with the current. Greg made quick work of the brown and soon the fish was sliding into the net. 

The right speed would be found several times throughout the day and each time Greg did everything right to get the fish to the net. Before long we were loading the boat on the trailer and putting the rods in the truck. A day of fishing big water streamers was complete and even though the notice was short, the adventure was pretty darn big.
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