Thursday, March 9, 2017

Elk River Report

Quick report here from the Elk. The fish are in pods so if an angler catches one fish they will probably have a shot at one or two others. The river finally seems to be experiencing some better flows during the week. Hopefully all the work on the dam is behind us. Check the schedule before driving to the river and always be aware of the water levels when wading. Believe me when I say this river rises rapidly.

The weekend flows are 80 CFS. On the 80 CFS flow, it seems the changing barometric pressure, well high pressure, affects the fish more than on a higher flow.  Now there is no scientific data that I could find to support or dispute this, but experience tells me more often than not, on low flows with high pressure, the fish tend to be more tight-lipped. That is simply an observation over time from lot of trips down the river on varying conditions.

Nymphs are producing fish. It takes the right pattern with the right presentation right now. So just any ole junk won't produce. Occasionally a fish will be looking up, but if you aren't seeing many fish eating midges just under the surface film there sure isn't much action on a bug "up-top".

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The calendar is filling up with more days on the water. The weather has been crazy but ti seems we are making a turn toward Spring. If you want to get on the river just call, text or email for the open dates! Until then thanks for stopping by and we will see you on the river.

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