Friday, August 31, 2018

Summertime Fly Fishing

It's summertime here in Middle Tennessee and along with this time of year comes a chance to fish dries, hopper droppers, soft hackles, and other types of flies. Although the fishing has been slow on the Caney Fork we have been lucky to pick up a nice fish along with some stockers, on each trip. It hasn't been easy and requires work on both the guide and angler's part, but it can be worth it at the end of the day.
If you haven't been following Southeastern Fly on Facebook you probably missed the Live videos on most Tuesday evenings. 5 Tips and Experiences for More Productive Terrestrial Fishing was a video from earlier this week and some folks have even said it was a good reminder. Some angler's said the video also had some content they were able to use right away.
Not all of our better fish have come to the net by terrestrials, nope, we still fish the tried and true nymphs. Those nymphs are working as hard as ever for us. A small percentage of fish eat on top, which leaves most of the fish feeding, where else, but below the surface. Yep, this fishing can be pretty high-tech business.

With a large percentage of fishing eating below the surface the tried and true super-secret and not so super-secret nymphs have been working overtime. We have been floating them under the indicator as well as using them as an insurance policy below the floating terrestrials. 
This brings me to a final point for this report. If you read this report often you know that sometimes it can read like a puzzle. The reason? A little thinking helps us all grow and helps us come up with new ideas which we can claim as our own. If those ideas aren't brand new they can be at the very least new to us. 

Not all terrestrial flies are fished on top. See, there are some terrestrials that fall in the water and sink fast and some sink slow. Some terrestrials, like a beetle, may have a hard shell and they swim like they are wearing the knight's amour stolen from the knight who is supposed to protect the Kings Court. Here's a tip...go back and read that last sentence again and then start thinking out of the box. Don't be afraid to try something for a long period of time before it actually works. You never know when a nice rainbow is going to be your best fish of the day and make a very nice photo-op.
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