Friday, April 26, 2019

A Quick Fishing Report

I just came in from the river and wanted to put up a quick report. The fish are beginning to cooperate and the trout are looking healthy. Below is not the largest trout have caught since the last report, by any means, but it is one of the healthy fish that angler's are bringing to the net. For the most part we are nymphing and the fish must be eating down low or they just think our flies are tasting good right now. Either way we are netting our share.

Anglers and the guide are having fun aboard the F/V Southeastern Fly. Other waters are opening up for us and the calendar is filling. If you want to get out there and have a good day on the water just text, call or email. We will be glad to get you in the casting braces.
If you are a seasoned angler or have never picked up a fly rod and want to set up a day on the river e-mail or call/text 615-796-5143 to book a day on the water. For additional booking information see our Homepage and to see the latest fishing report click here.

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