Friday, June 26, 2009

Presentations and Fly Fishing the Elk River

Several months ago I was invited to give my Observations from the Tailwaters presentation to the group at Calvary Outfitters. The presentation is based on the article I wrote for the Little River Journal, which is also named Observations from the Tailwaters. Last night was the night I was scheduled to do the presentation and it was also the first time I had presented the material in the photo format. The presentation seemed to go well and hopefully, as was the intent, people appeared to gather information for their own fishing adventures. I must admit everytime I see one of the pics and discuss the water in the pic I think of a possible new way to fish that type of water.

I wanted to take a minute and thank Anthony Williams and all my friends at Calvary Outfitters for the opportunity to present the material. Thanks guys I really appreciate letting me come by and give the presentation.

Also, I am looking forward to coming to the Cohutta Chapter of TU to present the material in July. Now, it is time to prep the drifter for a day on the Elk River and we will see you after the trip tomorrow.

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