Monday, May 26, 2014

Fly Fishing the Caney Fork River

Where does time go? We have been on the water quite a few times over the past few weeks including a quick trip to Colorado with a visit to Rocky Mountain National Park to toss some dries. That said this report has been behind and I hope to catch it up over the next week or so.

The Caney Fork River: It is the time of year for the canoes, kayaks, inner tubes and whatever other contraptions that will help people remain buoyant. So, go early or fish late. That being said some fish are starting to look up especially over water that is a little thinner. We are still dropping nymphs in the feeding lanes but fish are already looking at hoppers too.
On the plane home from Colorado I had a discussion with a Loveland resident and angler who was flying to Nashville where was going to visit his son. He let me know about a fly which is a staple in the RMNP and a fly that I am waiting to come in the mail as this report is written. If the fly works I will post it in the report later. 
Oh, back to the Caney. So with all the other folks enjoying the river it is important to get in the water at the right time. The upper part of the river is fishing good and on low water the fish are holding close to or in the pools. Deep water nymphing, if you want to call it that, is effective. Sometimes the water is moving so slow it looks like the nymph is at a standstill. It is tough but the fish have been responding to those slow yet painful drifts.

The Elk River: This river is fishing good right now for sure. The 240 CFS is very good for floats and easier on the elbows when rowing. We've had some serious looks on hoppers but not by the better fish. Little fish with big attitudes are trying to eat hoppers but the better fish are still coming on nymphs.
Anglers are catching good numbers of fish and with two rods in the boat we are bringing fish to the net on a regular basis. There are some worthy fish close to the accesses too. This river is a good place for beginning anglers to "get their feet wet". There are many different types of water which require different types of approaches.
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