Saturday, May 31, 2014

On the Water With Gary

Gary has been on the river several times and we've had some good days. Some days were better than others but this was one of those special days where the fishing and catching seemed to be equal. We got to the gravel bar to launch the drifter just about the same time as the first thunderstorm of the day. It was a good thing we went back for the waders because before the day was over we would need them more than once.
We shoved the boat in the water and floated for a minute, then we headed for cover as the sideways rain fell. We fished through the rain as we sat under cover and caught a few fish including a real nice brown. When the rain stopped we pulled up the anchor and Gary got his mending just right then the fish came with regularity.

Gary had control of his Sage and was getting good drifts with solid hooksets.  We floated nymphs in pods of schooling fish and pulled some fish from the edges. At times the fish were eating like they were out on bail....and we were liking it.
We pulled out the new Orvis Superfine 5 wt and he laid out some good casts.  This rod has performed well over the past few floats. It seems like you can feel every head shake in these rods and they have good backbone, much more than most people think. One of the best things about these rods is how well they do with an aerial mend. 
Gary and I kept ahead of the pulse all day and were able to fish low water until almost the very end of the float. The drifts were slow, the takes were subtle and the discussion was as good as it gets. Floating along the river is one of the best ways to pass the time with old friends.
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