Monday, November 24, 2014

Watauga River Fishing Report

After day one was over and we had relaxed by the fire for a bit, a plan was made for for day two. The forecast for day two was slightly windy, cold with clear skies. For our day two float we decided to do a different section and arrived at the ramp where we shoved off under those clear skies. 
We followed the plan from the previous day and Brent was pushing the oars for the first leg of the float. We had a couple flashes and a fish on, but it was a bit slow when compared to the previous morning.We found a deep rock ledge and the fish found our flies. Deep water nymphing along structure was the way to go.
A single weighted nymph fished 5' - 7' under an indicator was the just the ticket. Brent put us right on the right line, while Barry and myself caught our share of fish. We lost some flies to the sticks and hang-ups that could not be seen but the results made the extra tying worth it.
Brent didn't stay on the oars too long and took up his familiar position in the rear brace. He was drifting a nymph along a short wall and picked up a solid hit, then set the hook. A fish began a fast run to deep water and right away it was under the boat. We got the fish under control and even took a couple pictures of the fight. Just as Brent got ahead of the fish and made a lift on the rod, the fish decided a head-shake might work and promptly spit the hook. We were all disappointed...
The Fall colors were out, both on the trees and on the fish. The browns were especially showing off their colors and generally making even my photo skills look somewhat colorful. 
Trips like these are a good getaway and enjoying the trip with friends is another bonus for an already great year. This day we all caught fish. It was tough at times and other times the fishing was very good. It is hard to tell which bend of the river holds a better fish and we sure didn't leave many bends unfished on this section of river. At the end of the day we found a spot and loaded the drifter, then made it back just in time for a trip to Ridgewood BBQ. Yes the BBQ was also part of our day two plan.

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