Monday, December 1, 2014

Streamer Report

The weather is turning in Middle TN but we have a few warmer days here and there. I hooked up the drifter the other day and met David at ramp to do a streamer float. We decided to fish on high water to do some "research". The water started out on two generators and mid-way through the float reduced to one. Two generators release a lot of water and even when the Army Corps dialed the release back to one generator the water was still higher than just one running 24/7. But heck if it was easy everyone would be doing it.
Reports have been sketchy from the river and with the info from the latest trips there were hopes this had possibilities of a good day. The water had a bit of that "tea stained" color. We started the float with some unproductive deep water nymphing. This was disappointing because I brought back some techniques from the Great White North. The techniques didn't work on the trout, but hey if the salmon ever make it this far South we will be ready. (insert smiley face)
So we went to light flies on heavy sinking lines. Nothing new here other than the amount of fish responding to the light colors.  I won't say it was super exciting the first part of the float but when a couple larger fish crush a streamer or take a shot, it can get busy in a hurry. We turned up the casting throttle and dialed in the retrieves and the fish responded.
The day wore on with our fair share of hits, a drive-by or two...or three, and some hard hook-ups. I would like to have two shots back and I'd be willing to bet a Galloup pattern David would say the same. If you didn't want a couple shots back everyone would be doing it.
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