Friday, January 2, 2015

Costa Interchangeable Polarized Glasses For Sale

There's a lot of stuff laying around here. Every Winter I clean-up just a little and usually it leads to buying more stuff. But, the intentions are good, with the selling part anyway. It is time to clean out the polarized fishing glasses drawer and there is no way I will be replacing these with another pair, or maybe two. Nope no way...OK that's a flat out lie. Anyway here we go. 

This are a pair Costa Interchangeable polarized glasses with mojo. They have a nifty carrying case to keep them safe, a pair of light yellow lens to brighten up that cloudy day and a pair of darker lens to darken that blue sky and sunny day. None of the 4 lenses have a scratch. The warranty information and instructions for lens changes are there, as well as the matching lens cleaning cloth. They are worth $100.00 or so and that's what I am asking. If you are interested just send an email to david at and we can work on some way for you to take a look through them. 

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