Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Brent and Matt Moving Nymphs

When Brent set up the trip for him and Matt, he said Matt had fly fished when he was younger. We agreed whatever assistance Matt needed on the trip we would be there to assist. The boat floated off the gravel bar on falling water the guys made their way into casting braces. Brent had been working on his double haul and it showed. Matt, who said he fly fished earlier in life, had mislead Brent and me. You see from the very first cast Matt was getting distance, had good mechanics and had obviously fly fished a lot more than he let on.
We floated a short time working the banks and while casting is a big part of fly fishing, the proper mend while nymphing catches the most fish. The guys quickly got it together and both were bringing fish from the banks to the net. We fell into a groove early in the float. Good conversation happens on most every trip and this one was no exception. Two friends catching up on the latest events of life is counted as a good day. Two friends catching up on the latest events of life and adding some fishing into the equation is an exceptional day. Catching up on the latest events of life while fishing and knowing the rest of your friends are working on that day is a huge bonus! 
The morning snacks included donuts and coffee. That helped the anglers and the guy in the middle seat through early hours of the float. At lunch the clouds were rolling in at a steady pace so we opted for a quick meal. While the guys ate their lunch I scouted out some water we would float through shortly. There were certainly some fish yet to come...
Soon we were floating and the fishing picked up. Depth was critical and falling water was dictating where the fish were sitting as the river fell through its different levels. We hit the right depths and fished the river according to the contour of the different shelves, shoals as well as other types of structure. The fish are always looking upstream for the next meal and if an angler can get that fly to move with all the other stuff floating under surface, the catch rate goes way up. The Brent and Matt were moving their flies at the right speed and we were getting some better fish here and there. 
The weather on this day was very similar to the weather from the last report. We started under sunny skies then the clouds rolled in, light rain began and then the closer we got to the ramp the harder the rains came. The guys kept fishing and didn't let the wet weather stop them from moving those flies through the different structures. The rain continued and when the front came through the fishing slowed. 
Even though the front was moving through and the numbers slowed a little, the quality was better. The fish that continued to eat were fat and happy, well they were fat anyway. Some looked like they had never missed a meal and some didn't miss their finned friends meals either. We ended the day on one last rainbow and although we didn't get a photo it was quite a nice one. The guys had their day of fishing in the books. They caught up on the latest events of life while they were fishing. They did it while knowing the rest of their friends were working on that day and that was a huge bonus! 
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