Sunday, April 5, 2015

Fly Fishing Lynchburg Tennessee

It is Spring and things outside are beginning to come back to life. The fishing is making the transition from Winter to Spring easier and as the weeks roll along it is getting better, on most days anyway. The fish are beginning to look up which is making life in the rowers seat even more enjoyable. Not sure if the fish are biting? You don't know if you don't go.
The Elk River- The river has been fishing good as of late. The bottom of the river has that early Spring look. Most of the excess vegetation on the riverbed has been cleaned off but there is still enough to cover the right places. Look for the white rock on the riverbed. Float the nymph at the transition from the white rock to the gravel. The fish are laying along the gravel and they watch for food coming across the edges of the rock.
There has been some bug activity throughout the past week. The midges are there as usual throughout the day. The fish don't key into the midge activity on the top. They key in on the midges as they ascend to the top and eat them throughout the water column. We pick up fish eating the midges with nymphs fished deep. A soft hackle can get'em fished just under the surface in moving water while angler's wade. But, the nymph will usually get them more often than not.

The caddis hatch is where we have been having some action on top. The hatch has to be caught at just the right time, but like all good hatches a fish can be caught on the dry once they figure out what exactly is happening.  All the trout apparently do not recognize the hatch because with as many fish as there are in the river, there aren't a huge number of fish eating during even the biggest of hatches. That's OK we still get more activity even on nymphs during the hatches. 

To book a trip on the Elk just contact us using the information below. These floats are all day long so there are plenty of shots at fish. It is an excellent river to work on fly fishing techniques and this river has helped a good number of anglers get themselves ready for the Summer to come.
The Caney Fork River- It has been a difficult to get a good float the past few months. The generation has been non-stop with only short windows when the Corps had to make generator adjustments or to do some of the work inside the dam. The rest of the time it's been water, water and more water. But they are finally giving us a few hours of low water on the weekend days and we are taking advantage. 
The wildlife is out here and the beavers have been making their presence known. Remember these things are not tame so don't stumble into their presence without knowing where they are located. But this is a fishing report so here we go. There are still small minnow size shad coming through the generators and the gulls will let you know when the shad hatch is on. The water has been a little on the green side especially after the rains. Hopefully this stain will leave over the next few weeks. 
Both streamers and nymphs have brought us some action on the Caney. White streamers are the hot ticket and actually some olive will work as well while the water is stained. Nymphs fished along structure also will bring some fish to the net. We are fishing nymphs real close to structure and that's producing some action. Sight fishing isn't really happening right now with off-color water. But, we are fishing to the rise ring with every opportunity. Anglers have to place the fly just right, but this has been productive for us. There is a bit of luck involved but we have found a way to make it work when others have been leaving the river with long faces. Search for those rise rings and fish to them. 

Now we hope for less rain and certainly no big rain events in the coming weeks. The river will come around as the water clears and the fish can see our offerings a little more clearly. Persistence is the hot ticket right now. 

To see the latest fishing report click here and for more booking information see our Homepage.  If you are a seasoned angler or have never picked up a fly rod and want to set up a day on the river just email or call/text 615-796-5143 to book a day on the water.

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