Monday, March 23, 2015

Tim on the River

This week has been a week of birthdays. Angler's have been coming to fish with me on their birthdays and it has been a lot of fun. The water release wasn't the best but Tim and I hit the river for a half day float.
We warmed up Tim's casting arm and made our way upstream. Tim worked on pushing the rod with the thumb and he really turned his casting around with that and a few other techniques. Naturally we worked on the mend after he gained some distance.
Well, all Tim's work must have paid off because the fish began to respond. When Tim would get a good cast and throw in a good mend he would get a nice tug. The fish weren't just falling for anything, but they were eating our flies. Other boats were struggling to boat fish and Tim was catching on a regular basis.
Tim was casting well, mending well and setting the hook became more easy with each fish. You know it has been a good day when there are no flies lost, but several used up beyond recognition.  After a good run for the afternoon we said "one more fish" and a short time later we were netting the fish and heading to the ramp. Tim it was another good day on the river. Thanks again.
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