Thursday, August 6, 2015

Brooke & Greg on Hot Fishing

This day was warm from the beginning. Greg and his daughter Brooke were ready for a day on the drifter tossing nymphs at feeding fish. The sun was up and after their rods were rigged we went straight to the best banks and adjusted the indicator rigs as the fish were already feeding deep trying to beat the heat.
Greg and Brooke had floated the river before and had taken a casting class, so they weren't starting fresh. It wasn't long before Brooke was setting the hook on her first fish. Greg was really dialing himself in on the first stretch and getting his fly in the good feeding lanes. He was quickly getting out front of the numbers game. As usual there is normally one angler who really gets dialed-in and although Greg would get that early jump, Brooke really came back with some nice fish.
We would slice our way through traffic most of the day and try to get the best spots when possible. There were several very nice types of structure we would fish when we could get them, but two types of water would produce our best fish. The sides of deep holes and the ends of pools were the most productive. Fly placement, good drifts and the right depth would help us along the way.
We would celebrate most of the fish on this day. There were many improvements in casting which as the the day moved along would pay dividends. Greg had been laying out line well from the beginning. After lunch Brooke would get her timing together and make big strides in her casting and line placement. The fish would respond and some nice fish were brought to the net, then were "made famous".
Brooke had the front casting brace the entire day and was beginning to pick her own water from the best seat in the house. Greg was kind-of batting clean up but still getting good numbers of fish. We floated into the last stretch with a numbers goal in mind just to see if it could be done. Greg brought the first fish to the net and then it was Brooke's turn...
 ...Brooke laid out some line and hit a good seam. The fly settled and floated a relatively short distance. Now things were going good we had already seen several different species of wildlife, some nice fauna and different types of water. Brooke was looking at something else when the indicator simply disappeared. All the work we had been doing with her hookset paid off when she noticed the indicator was missing in action. Brooke lifted the rod tip and the fight was on. She fought the fish with all the moves she learned throughout the day, she stayed in front of the fish and brought another nice fish to the net. That fish also brought them one fish closer to their goal.
A short time later Greg would bring a fish to the net and reach the goal, then another to move past the goal. It isn't all about the size or number of fish but sometimes having a goal can get an angler focused more than normal. The day was warm from the beginning and in the end the fishing was hot for these two anglers. 
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