Saturday, September 5, 2015

Clint and Eric on a Cold Clear River

Anglers who show up early at the ramp are normally ready to get the day started and this helps us to get out ahead of other watercraft. That makes for a better morning as we get on fresh fish before anyone else. Eric was the first to roll into the parking area as I was preparing rods. We had a quick discussion and Clint arrived a few minutes later. With the shuttle complete and the fish waiting, we climbed into the drifter. The guys then settled into the braces for a day of fly fishing.
The weather on this day was going to be warm but not overbearing. We shoved the boat away from the ramp and made haste to get downstream before the fish were passed over by multiple canoes and kayaks. We started picking our way down the banks and the fish were laying close to the structure. When we dialed in the depth and the mend, the guys began to pick off fish one by one. Other boats have been getting most of their fish on midges lately, but we have been staying with nymphs. The fish would not disappoint especially early in the float. 
We floated along on the hot day and soon Eric decided to test the water. He quickly found out the clear water was also quite cool. The coolness and early start time didn't stop the fish from rising by mid-morning. We knotted a small terrestrial to Clint's tippet and he made quick work of several browns. Eric was bringing the body count up in the rear of the boat with a nymph and we ended our morning drowning nymphs and bringing fish to the safety of the net. Lunch was quick and in no-time we loaded up the drift boat and went right back to work. 
The fish were not rising on the lower part of the float, so we kept working on good drifts. Clean drifts are critical as the lower water gives the fish plenty of inspection time. These guys did their work and the fishing kept getting better.
The skies would occasionally send us some clouds, so instead of jumping in we could enjoy the overcast along with the slight breeze. The rods continued to bend and the fish kept coming to the net. We adjusted leaders from time to time too. Why adjust the leaders? As the guys casting improved we would lengthen the tippet little by little. It isn't easy to turnover flies on long leader so as they became more comfortable we would lengthen the leader to move the fly line away from the fly. Also, the longer the leader and tippet the cleaner we can get the drift.The cleaner the drift the better the presentation...and the better presentation soon leads to a better the catch rate.
Clint and Eric kept up with the fishing the entire float. Finally we rounded the bend and brought our last fish to the net. Another good day on the river with a couple good anglers. Weather has been cooperative and the cold water has been clear. Good conditions helped these two settle in for a good day for fly fishing.
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