Thursday, September 3, 2015

Six Anglers, Three boats, Three Guides and a High Body Count

What would six anglers from several states do when they want to get together? They head to one river and find three guides to push them along in drift boats. Those boats would hopefully put the anglers in position to catch a good number of fish. Taylor called and set up a trip to do just that. But, on the first date, the water level was too high and we would have to reschedule the group for another day. The new date would prove to be a hot August day.
The weather was clear on the full moon and with the temperatures in the 90's we began the float. The boats spread out along the river and the fish began to come out. The guides had nymphs and midges ticking off the bottom and the guys were bringing the fish to the top and then into the waiting nets. Our favorite nymphs were the hot ticket for the morning. Brian, Craig, Chris, Ryan, Scott and Taylor were on a pretty good morning overall and floated into the gravel bar where a quick lunch was waiting. Plans were already being made to come out swinging in the afternoon. 
The afternoon would see one boat begin a race to the take out to get one of our anglers to an evening appointment on time. That boat would make it, but not before stopping along the way putting a good number of fish on the flies. The other boats slowly made their way downriver and during that time there were some fly changes as anglers went after the nicer fish. The "body count" went up as the angler's began to get comfortable in the casting braces.
The boats arrived at the takeout one by one and the boats were loaded on trailers. Tired anglers and guides pulled the boats out of the river and stored the rods. The day was topped off with many fish stories exchanged between the anglers while the guides exchanged notes for burn-around trips the next day. On this hot August day six anglers from several states loaded themselves into three drift boats and brought a good number of fish to the waiting nets. The  stories of those fish will grow over time as the guys will have a chances to recount their fish stories. Those discussions will soon turn to next year when we hope to see them all on the river again.
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