Sunday, April 17, 2016

Greg and Anthony Get Some Time on the Drifter

It's shaping up to be a good spring here on the tailwaters. The fish have been responding to the various flies and anglers have been bringing some pretty good fish to the net on most floats. Greg called and we set a date for himself and son Anthony to spend some time in the casting braces of the drift boat. The fish sure didn't disappoint... 
We started the day nymphing under indicators along with a dry-dropper combo. Both of the rigs caught fish and the nymphs won the day....again. The guys put in their time in the upper reaches of the river with good casts and technical presentations. The water is slow moving right now, so an almost perfect presentation is the best way to get some takers.
Anthony was fishing close to structure, within a few feet anyway, and threw a good mend in the line. When the fly settled and began a solid drift the fish apparently could not resist. The dry took dive and Anthony came tight on the fish. Anthony's hook set was nothing short of least to us anyway. The fish probably didn't have the same opinion, but when the hook found its mark that's when true fight began. Anthony played the fish well, getting in front of it most of the time. Finally the fish came to the top and Anthony slipped the fish into the waiting net. Anthony scored the best fish of the day on that cast and I'm not sure if Greg could have been happier.
Greg had watched his son catch that nice rainbow and wanted one of his own. Some time passed as we continued offering the flies of choice. Changing depth when the river dictated was important. The lower flows made that chore a little easier, but none the less critical at times. The drifter floated into a productive stretch. Over the past few floats we have been able pick up some better fish on this particular stretch. Greg set the hook from the back of the boat and the fish began dig. It wasn't a huge fish, but it had some staying power. Greg is a seasoned angler and he stayed with the rainbow. It wasn't long before he too had the head up and was slipping his rainbow into the net.
The guys were into double digits quickly on this float and continued to bank good numbers of fish in each stretch. The fishing was productive on nymphs and again being ready to adjust depth was just the second piece of the puzzle. So that's the fishing part... Another reason we were on the water is because being on the river with family is a good way to get quality time. This float was about father - son time. A little friendly family competition set the stage for turned into a really nice day on the river. Spring in the casting braces is a good way to forget about the problems of everyday life and just focus on the family and, naturally, the fishing.
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