Sunday, April 24, 2016

Ryan, Adam and Skane Get on the River.

Ryan and Adam came to Tennessee to attend an early Ford Bronco show. After spending a couple days at the show the next move on their swing through Tennessee was to stop along the way and get aboard the drift boat. 
 They traveled from Michigan, where they experience some good fishing, but we would put some nice fish in the boat on higher water. Some of our high water experiences from early in the year would pay-off on this trip. So with the guys in their places and Skane patrolling the boat we shoved off and began to get the right stuff on the right rods. We were two minutes into the float and Adam had the first fish in the net. It wouldn't be long before Ryan got his first fish from the back of the boat...then another and another and another, and the bite was on.
The browns were out and playing early. The normal stocker browns were out but so were some nicer fish that put up a healthy fight for their size. The fins are looking good and some of the fish are getting a little more broad across their shoulders. With the off-color water we are hoping some will holdover and not fall prey to the stringers. 
Fishing wasn't all rainbows and unicorns on this day but the guys kept digging and the fish would come to the boat in all the usual places. Ryan was taking his shots from the back of the boat and after bringing up his catch-rate early in the float he set the hook on something that pulled right back. He fought the fish like a pro. The fish took us around the river a couple different times. But, the brown couldn't pull out a trick that Ryan didn't know. Finally the fish came to the net and we had "one happy boat". We took the appropriate shots and turned this one loose for someone (hopefully us) to catch again.
Adam was keeping himself busy in the front of the boat. The rainbows seemed to like Adam and his presentation. His reel began to scream shortly after Ryan's brown. Skane was there at every turn as Adam kept the fish in the upper part of the water column and away from the downed timber. The rainbow tried the usual rainbow tricks.  But with Skane standing by, just in case, Adam brought the rainbow quietly to the net. One nice rainbow and nice brown for the good guys! We missed some too but let's move along...
Spring appears to be here in Middle, Tennessee.The trees and flowers as well as the shrubs are blooming. The fishing continues to pick up and we are lucky enough to put anglers on some good fishing. Ryan and Adam it was a good day on the water and I have to say the day flew by. See you next time you come through Middle, Tennessee... and save some fish in Michigan for my next trip to the Great Lakes state.
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