Saturday, July 9, 2016

Tonto and Bubba Go Fly Fishing

Dang this was a fun float down the river. If you notice there are a lot of smiles in the photos and it was that same way when the camera was off too. Duane and Ted, that's there real names, had been on middle Tennessee waters for several days and on their way home stopped by to float with me. Yep they were getting on another Tennessee tailwater before heading home. 
Two friends who have known each other for 40+ years. They have been on many adventures and have shared a lot of things that life can throw at us. I think this float is one that I learned more about life than they could have learned from me about fly fishing. But all in all it seems like it worked out for all involved. Well let's get to the fishing portion of this fishing report. Here we go in a hundred-fifty words or less....
We got on the boat and made our way downstream. There were some fish sipping midges but not real hungry for anything up top. The guys saddled up to the casting braces and went to work on some fishing feeding just off the bottom. It took no time for the fish to start coming to the net and they didn't let up. We ate lunch and so did the fish. After lunch the fish were still eating the same stuff and they got bigger but there were less of 'em. Before the day was over we were sun burned but almost satisfied. We loaded the drifter on the trailer and said by to the riverbillies, then we hit the local BBQ joint and ate too much. We said our goodbyes until the next time we get on the drifter....and we all lived happily ever after....err well you know what I mean. Thanks guys that was a fun day!  THE END
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  1. Looks like Y'all had some real fun. I am wondering who paid who here?

  2. I think everyone got what they were after on this one.