Monday, July 4, 2016

Brown Trout Fly Fishing with Michelle and Lane

When Lane and Michelle stepped into the casting braces the sky was blue and the water was low. The low water and clear skies would call for stealthy approaches and longer casts. Also, it wouldn't hurt to have the patience to fish long stretches at a snails pace. We hooked up pretty quick with some rainbows but this was more a day of quality browns and good company.
Lane would start off the brown trout fishing with a slow low water presentation. After several shots into productive water Lane settled into a slow drift. The fly traveled several feet before the brown took the fly. Lane played the brown into the net and he was warmed up for the next section of the river, which would prove to be pretty productive.
We boated a few more before we located another low and slow moving seam. Michelle dropped her fly right in the seam and it didn't take before another brown took the fly "on a dead-run". When Michelle raised the rod and set the hook the rod actually looked like the fish set the hook right back at her. The Orvis rod took on a solid bend as line began slipping through the guides. Michelle began to play the fish. This one tried several different things to get away, but Michelle didn't have time for those tricks and brought the fish to the net. Score another one for the angler in the front brace! But, the "catching" wasn't over and after a stop for lunch while watching the river slowly pass by there was more fishing to be done.
The river would continue to give up some fish throughout the float. We just kept picking them up by using clean presentations of productive nymphs. With nothing much going on "up top" we bounced and ended up in some recently productive water. Lane continued to bring numbers to the net but once again Michelle would bring the quality.

"Drop the fly right there, OK mend, mend a little more, shake out some line...set" Michelle was spot-on with the instruction and frankly a little ahead on the set. The fish was quickly moving into the the flow and trying to get an edge. Where do these bigger fish get there fighting techniques? It didn't matter because now Michelle had the fish hooked and the tippet was connected to her brand new TFO. This brown was as good as caught from the hook set. It wasn't long before Michelle was releasing that fish and we were making our way to the ramp after a good day on the river.

Michelle and Lane were a lot of fun to have on the boat. There were some periods of slow catching but they kept their head in the game and were ready when opportunities came. They fished the low water and clear skies with stealthy approaches and longer casts and they had a great brown trout day.
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