Sunday, August 28, 2016

Josh...Another 20+ Club Member

The bag in the bow of the boat looked innocent enough. Most angler's bring something along with them on a trip and although I should ask, I usually just trust they wouldn't bring a bag of "stuff" that might hurt the fishing. Sometimes that "stuff" just slips under the radar...and sometimes, even though there might be "stuff" in the bag that might hurt the fishing, it turns out to be OK anyway.

This day was another hot August day. Temperatures would be in the mid 90's and the heat index well over 100 degrees. Josh had already been fishing when I pulled into the parking lot and it had been a slow morning. The mission was to convert all that slowness and the sad faces, into a good afternoon of floating and catching for the guy from Mississippi.
It took only a short time to knock the skunk off the day and our now happy angler was soon setting the hook with some regularity, as the bag with the"stuff" sat quietly in the front of the boat. 

Josh had the best place on the river. That place? That place is front casting brace and Josh would make the most of his fortunate circumstances. He stuck the first quality brown trout of the float which would only prepare him for things that might come later in the day. 
There isn't a lot trout water in Mississippi unless you count the water where sea trout are found off the Mississippi Gulf Coast. So Josh was trying to learn all the techniques he could to be used on future trips to Tennessee trout waters. The water has been clear which makes the need to be stealthy all the more critical. Less false casts, reach casts and slight mends have been the ticket for more and better fish. 
The temperature continued to climb and clouds, although few, were welcomed. Hydration was key and as it has been all summer, necessary to have the body ready when the opportunity comes. Opportunity came many times on this day and soon it came in a big way.

Josh was getting a good presentation right down a line of logs. The bottom dropped from 2' to 4' just along the line of blowdowns. A quick mend and the presentation was dead drifting along with the current. Josh lifted the rod tip and the fish made a big lunge to the top. The rod was bent and bouncing as the fish started head shakes, trying to spit the fly that looked so tasty just a few seconds earlier. Josh was trying to remain calm as the fish took him for the Nantucket Sleighride, Tennessee style. We anchored the boat and with some coaxing the fish finally made its to the waiting net. After what seemed like an eternity to Josh and probably the brown, this fight was over. The fish was released to be caught again and hopefully many times to come. Just like that, after all the instruction and all the learning, Josh is the newest member of the Southeastern Fly 20+ Club.

The remainder of the day was spent discussing the finer points of angling and well a lot of other topics. The bag, with the stuff? That bag rested calmly in the front of the boat until I just happened to ask, "hey what's in the bag?" To which the reply came some Gatorade and, you guessed it, a banana on a fishing boat. Maybe the superstition is wrong or maybe even more and better fish  may have been caught without the "stuff" in the bag...

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