Saturday, September 3, 2016

Laura, Logan and Mary an Afternoon of Good Times

Mary set up the date to float on the drifter to spend the day with friends and perhaps to catch a few fish. Mary, Logan and Laura rolled into the parking lot a few minutes ahead of schedule, yes these women were serious, and we went straight to the ramp to launch the drifter. We were on the water with a number of other boats and we were floating in each open spot we could find.  It sure didn't take long to get some fish in the net...but soon Mother Nature would push us to the waiting safety of the bank.
Once the storms and the traffic finally passed we were floating on peaceful waters and that's when these girls went to work on the fish. We tucked into a likely spot and Laura broke the dry spell with a healthy brown. That fish was celebrated with high-fives and chocolate. Logan wasn't far behind with a nice rainbow and then Mary, who had been patiently waiting, brought another rainbow to the waiting net.
Mary and Laura brought back some of the skills they had learned on their prior trips. But, this was Logans first trip on the F/V Southeastern Fly and she was getting into the action nicely. It was cool to see Mary and Laura transfer their knowledge to their friend and then see Logan come into her own. And it was fun to watch them all set the hook and bring fish to the net.
Interestingly enough they brought nice to the net on this trip in practically the same places they caught them on their Spring trip. The fish weren't jumping in the net but when they would eat the girls would bring a nice fish to the boat. We didn't catch every fish on this day. Nope, but toward the end of the float we slipped into a good section where the fish have been hungry this year and when Laura asked "where are the fish", well she found found the answer...

The answer came as Laura set the hook on a big rainbow. That rainbow, with a fly in its upper lip, went a little crazy. Actually this fish went a lot crazy and was running at the boat, then it turned and went to the middle of the pool and sat on the top with its dorsal just out of the water. Apparently this fish was simply planning the next move. That next move? The next move was to start a blistering run toward some logs. Laura never had a chance to turn the fish and it broke the tippet cleanly. The line was then just floating on the water. We said the appropriate words, mostly under our breath, and then tied on another fly then went back to work.  Mary, who had been patiently waiting, brought another rainbow to the waiting net...
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