Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Bill Back in the 20+ Club

Bill has been fishing aboard the ole F/V Southeastern Fly for several years and we have been fortunate to catch some real nice fish. Bill and Ron came aboard this time and the day was good. Bill, however, had a really good day and made the right cast at the right time. An event we would remember for years to come.

Although the boat was a little out of position, Bill reached out and sent a cast sailing. The fly dropped and settled, then Bill was setting the hook. The fight was on and the fish went straight to the grass. Bill did everything he could to keep the fish from getting too deep into the nasty mess, but the fish was pulling deeper and deeper. Then the fish came out of the grass and the line was snagged. But, Bill gave just the right amount of slack and the fish hit the open water as fast as it could swim. The grass broke free from its roots and Bill worked to get the head up. It wasn't too much longer before Bill was bringing the brown to the net. A quick photo and measurement put Bill firmly in the 20+ Club one more time.

If you want to get Bill's perspective on the day just take a look at the fishing report on his blog. 

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  1. David
    ONE awesome float, never connected with that many big trout, thanks for a fantastic trip!!!

  2. Bill, thanks again. That was an awesome trip and I am ready when you are ready for the next one. Really nice work keeping that brown out of the grass. Glad you left the small rod at home for this!