Wednesday, August 23, 2017

More Quality Fly Fishing From Middle TN

We have been on the rivers of Middle TN quite a lot lately. The results have been speaking for themselves, with anglers bringing some really nice fish to the big Brodin net. It's tough to complain about the quality for sure. The numbers have been good as well, with anglers getting plenty of activity throughout the floats. 
Bent fly rods in both casting braces have been the norm for the F/V Southeastern Fly. There are several additional reports that need to be posted, but for this report we will talk about Gary's day.

We left the ramp early and under a thick layer of fog. The drifter slid across the river with only the sound of the tips of the oar blades dipping and then pushing through the water. We talked about the latest happenings on the rivers and in life, then Gary went to work.

Getting the right drift was important. The low water meant stealth was also important. I swear sometimes when people are talking the fish can hear the entire conversation. That may not be true but on a slow flow, the less discussion the better the results. It's not science. However, it is reality. It wasn't long before the discussion ended, Gary began to focus and then the fish responded. The fishing improved throughout the morning.
Some trips have produced better numbers than others. The water clarity on this trip was about 3'. So the water was off-color and we could tell in the deeper areas. In the shallows the water was clear, but the fish were holding deeper.  Gary managed to pull some nice fish from the depths. This was another good day on the F/V Southeastern Fly.
The "Happy Hour Floats" have been doing quite well. Late afternoon on falling water gives another perspective for fishing. These floats are shorter and the cost is more affordable. Anglers just need a fishing license and trout stamp, we supply all the gear needed to make this float an enjoyable way to see darkness fall upon the river....while catching fish. 
 If you are a seasoned angler or have never picked up a fly rod and want to set up a day on the river e-mail or call/text 615-796-5143 to book a day on the water. For additional booking information see our Homepage and to see the latest fishing report click here.

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